Life is a struggle – the mentally ill have to fight a little harder, that is all. This is how I comfort myself.

I had a classmate called Jane and she used to say that the stronger we are, the more problems God gives us because He has equipped us to deal with it. It follows then, that the mentally ill are stronger than the rest because we face more challenges than others.

We need to fight in two ways: Internally as well as externally. Internally we have to conquer our thoughts and emotions, while externally we need to become financially independent. Generally the first task is easier than the second.

With a lot of counselling and some bit of medicines one can gain mastery over disturbing thoughts and emotions over a period of time. I am not saying that this is an easy job, but with God’s grace we can follow our therapists’ advice and make good personal adjustments. If family members are supportive, social adjustments will also become simple.

But to compete in our modern world, we need to equip ourselves with skills and stick to tasks on a regular basis; only then can we become financially independent.

I completed my MA in English Literature and B.Ed while on medication, and today I run my own institute of spoken English and am financially independent. I thank God for whatever skills and talents He has bestowed upon me and don’t feel bad accepting the fact that I need medication for rest of my life.

I want other ill persons also to achieve the level of success I have achieved and so here are some of my tips:

  1. Pray to God for a complete and speedy recovery.
  2. Go to a psychiatrist or psychologist if a voice within you says that something is not normal or healthy.
  3. Try to convince at least one family member or friend that you need help and take them along with you when you go to a professional.
  4. LISTEN to your psychotherapist. Sometimes it is difficult to travel all the way in terms of following what they suggest to you, but you can at least go in the direction they have suggested.
  5. Do not hesitate to take medicines even though they have some side-effects. It is better to be mentally healthy than to suffer due to fear of side-effects. Side-effects will seem negligible compared to the agony and humiliation experienced when mentally ill.
  6. Try to gain the confidence of your family members. Make an attempt to get at least one loving person to empathise with you when you are agitated.
  7. Do a lot of physical work like cooking, gardening, housework, going for walks, etc., more than reading or watching TV.
  8. Try to make more friends and companions.
  9. Help others in ways you can. This will make you feel nice about yourself.
  10. Thank God for all that He has given you. Emphasize on the positive things you have rather than the negatives.

Note by publisher. We believe that some of these tips are generally applicable, whether a person is ill or not.

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  1. Your post is really inspiring. We all need a hand when things are down. Still if you can push through life and work hard with everything you’re going even you can be successful. Thank you for sharing. P.S – I really like the tips.

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